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Thank you for coming.

It's been a long time coming now, but it's time for Twenty Percent Cooler to close down. We've had a good run and had a great time in our heyday, but the sun has set on our little website and now it's time to go. You have about a week to record, save, and archive what you would like before everything goes dark, so please make the best of this time.

Thank you for all the memories and contributions to our community in these last 8 years. We had a great time.

~ Sincerely, Princess Luna
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Character: vinyl scratch

Also know as DJ Pon-3 (pronounced dee jay pon-three), Vinyl Scratch is a background unicorn that is a disc jockey. She features a two-tone blue and light blue mane and tail, a white body and magenta eyes. Has a musical note for her cutie mark.

First appears in the episode Suited for Success and again in the episode A Canterlot Wedding part 2. Also appears in the commercial There's a Pony For That.

Vinyl Scratch wears a pair of purple tinted sunglasses and is often paired with Octavia for both are characterized with music.

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