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Character: zipporwhill

Zipporwhill is a small pegasus filly with a pale tan coat and brown mane and tail. She speaks with a pitched-up voice (St. Tabitha) with an accent reminiscent of two wild and crazy guys. Her cutie mark consists of three dog's paw prints. She wears a tiara on her head and a pair of big black horn-rimmed BCGs.

Zipporwhill is hyperactive like an ADD kid who took a pixie stick instead of her ritalin. She flies about like a hummingbird while talking faster than a used car salesman. Curiously, this does not seem to irritate anyone. Her glasses manage to stay on her nose through all of her zipping about.

She carries her incredibly long-suffering lap dog around with her everywhere, making it dizzy as she whips it through the air from one place to another. She has a father with a similar bizarre accent. In contrast to his tiny daughter, Zipporwhill's father is a heavy set pegasus with a combover and a full beard. He wears a plain black t-shirt and a pair of black glasses like his daughter's.

To date Zipporwhill has appeared in only one episode, Filli Vanilli. In that episode she had her cuteciƱera which featured a performance by Rarity's SATB quartet, "The Ponytones."

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